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AFSL Pro Business English Conversation Workshops 


Description: Conversation Workshop in small groups of 3 to 5 participants. Participate in dynamic and focused conversation workshops on work-related topics. Our activities will help you express yourself better in complex and varied social and professional situations. A placement test will confirm your current level.
Duration : 10 weeks (1 hour or 1.5 hours per week)
Location : At our school, at your office, or online
Language Levels : Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate / Advanced
Start Date :                                    Please see the structure below to register for the group workshops.  Private sessions can begin at any time.  Sessions are offered on an ongoing basis
Contact Us : Toll free 1 (855) 439- 7878 or Montreal area (514) 439-7878


Why Choose Our Workshops ? What's in a Typical Class ?
  • Competitive prices
  • Lots of fun !
  • An innovative and efficient approach
  • An entertaining and timely 2-3 minute short
  • business video with available transcript
  • Free registration – no hidden fees
  • A grammar point
  • The workshop comes with a 12-week subscription to a work-based real life video platform
  • Business vocabulary practice with interactive captions and quizzes
  • You can continue your conversational training through language immersion with real-world videos outside of the class
  • Discussions about how the video themes transate into real work environments
  • Workshop content expands from the theme of a short realistic work-based video to make it relevant to the reality of today’s professionals. The content is fully responsive.
  • Business role plays
  • Student engagement: you choose the conversation–starter themes that you prefer from a list of 20 possible themes
  • Business English games