Created in 2010 by two teachers passionate about languages, AFSL Pro was born from a vision that adapts to the realities and needs of companies and individuals. A teaching based on real world concepts that the learner can apply efficiently to their working environment.

Since its creation, the company has been aiming to meet the many challenges of teaching language in business. We have known for a long time that no learner is at the same stage in his/her progress and that no one learns the same way.

Our history is that of a dynamic company that relies on solid experience in pedagogy to renew itself and to offer language training to professionals.


Diane Lord


Diane Lord co-founded AFSL Pro language school in 2010. She has over 30 years of experience in language teaching and management. She has worked in the public and private sectors in Quebec and Ontario with a variety of clients. With AFSL Pro, she has chosen to focus her energy on creating an innovative and result-oriented teaching environment that ensures the highest quality of training.

Nadia Ehret

Pedagogical Director and Project Coordinator

Nadia Ehret has more than 25 years of experience in language training and andragogy . For more than 22 years, she has been involved in the recruitment and the training of teachers, while coordinating different types of projects. She accompanies each client and proposes the most appropriate format, according to the needs and objectives set.

Inken Kaumann

Project Director and Administrative Coordinator

Inken Kaumann has several years of experience teaching languages, including German, as well as a master’s degree in linguistics. She is particularly involved in children’s training at AFSL Pro and also performs various technical and administrative tasks, on top of coordinating many aspects of our admin needs.

Célia Bezzina

Assistant-Coordinator and Project Manager

Having completed a Master’s degree in foreign language didactics, Célia has more than 12 years of experience in teaching and managing courses, particularly in Brazil, with a professional audience. Her experience allows her to adapt the pedagogical content, to support the teaching team and to successfully coordinate various AFSL Pro projects.

Marianne Robert

Technical Coordinator and Assistant Project Coordinator

Marianne Robert has several years of experience in language training, as well as experience in the administrative field. She provides technical support to learners and also participates in various administrative tasks in the AFSL Pro team.

Narmin Hossain

Administrative Assistant

With her past experience in administration and customer service, Narmin provides administrative and technical support to the entire AFSL Pro team and ensures that every request is responded to in a timely and courteous manner.


Guided by a passion for language teaching, we aim to always reinvent ourselves in order to offer the highest quality training.

Our teaching focuses on personal and professional development and aims to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential.


  • Be leaders in language training.
  • Provide flexible, innovative, effective language training tailored to the needs of businesses and governments.
  • Promote the personal and professional development of learners.
  • Adapt the content of training programs to reflect goals and professions.
  • Teach real world concepts, directly applicable in a business development context.


Our values are at the heart of an innovative, world-focused, people and business development approach to language training:


We know that sustained human contact with a teacher and personalized coaching facilitate language learning.


For us, learning a language is an important tool for personal and professional development.


As customers and partners, you are part of our team. We work together to develop your needs and goals to create the best possible training plan for you.

Satisfaction and fulfillment

We are committed to developing a training plan for you that will ensure your success, regardless of your starting point.

Cultural diversity

AFSL Pro’s multicultural and multilingual team works with the utmost respect for differences and is enriched by the cultural diversity.

Innovation and desire for excellence

We combine technological tools with our knowledge to create innovative, flexible, effective and responsive learning methods in order to meet the needs of today’s businesses and professionals.


We offer a full range of tailored, flexible language training services based on the best teaching methods.

1. Pre-training: assessing your language needs and optimal training plan based on your aspirations
  • Needs analysis grid
  • Placement test

  • Oral and written assessments

  • Suggested groupings by level

2. Training: taking charge of the entire personalized training program
  • Private or small group training (face-to-face and/or online)
  • Tailored training with optional access to the online practice portal
  • Adapting content and evaluations to meet objectives
  • Flexibility of the formulas offered (dates, duration and format)
Post-training: tracking satisfaction and achievements
  • Language reinforcement and retention services
  • Planning plan for turnkey solutions for HR managers and managers
  • Sending personalized progress reports
  • Pedagogical monitoring and assessment of learner satisfaction



Needs analysis

  • Analysis done with your training managers


Evaluation of the learners’ language level

  • Starting language level
  • Target language level


Personalized training plan creation

  • Pairing with a teacher
  • Private course or small groups
  • In person or online training
  • Mixed or traditional solution

Feedback and quality control during the training

  • Training follow up done according to training manager’s expectations

Evaluation of the objectives attained by the learners

  • Complete final report at the end of the session 
  • Recommendations for a possible extension of the training

Trust us!

We know how speaking another language contributes to your personal and professional growth and development.



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