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AFSL Pro offers language training in a different way, focused on companies’ needs. Today, English, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin are playing increasingly important roles for large companies. At AFSL Pro, based on our pedagogical experience, we adapt our in person or online training to your professional reality.

AFSL Pro is an accredited training organization recognized by Emploi-Québec and member of WeConnect International. Our qualified teachers use innovative teaching methods in conjunction with multimedia learning to provide you with programs that meet the needs of your employees. The essential human dimension is combined with technology to be able to contribute to professional development.

Language training for businesses

In order to promote the development of techniques for better business relationships, training (private, semi-private or small group courses) can be anchored in real professional situations by our conscientious teachers. Your employees will learn to understand the language while improving their professional communication skills in the business community. Learning a new language with AFSL Pro (or improving current knowledge) will promote employees advancement while ensuring their satisfaction. This will also increase your employee retention rate.

Your employees will gradually learn to communicate with customers in another language and your business will benefit. With a team that can improve customer communication, you will be able to open new markets and grow your business internationally beyond your current limits.

Language training without borders

AFSL Pro offers language training without borders. Our results-based approach offers a dynamic combination for learning either with our mixed approach, which means the joint use of eLearning and the traditional learning mode (often called “presential”) with optional 24/7 access to a complementary practice portal, or a more traditional approach (teaching only).



Global accessibility

  • 24 / 7 anywhere in the world



  • Coherent service and evaluation of the given language training


Flexibility and adaptability

  • Scalable system that allows to support small or big groups in person or online

Results measurability

  • Accurate analysis tools that allow RH agents to do a follow up on (allows HR staff to follow up on) language results and progress


  • Our personalized training options allow you to meet any professional needs

We will be happy to select the most effective formula that will meet the specific needs of your company, its departments and its employees. Let us guide you to the most appropriate solution at the best price.

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