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AFSL Pro offers language courses  with a dynamic combination of mixed learning, i.e. the joint use of eLearning or the classic mode of learning (often called “presential”) with 24/7 access to a complementary practice portal.  This in-person or online training sets out to strengthen the professional development of your employees. The essential human dimension is combined with technology to be able to contribute to your professional development.

AFSL Pro is a certified training organization reconized by Emploi-Québec. Its trainings can be subsidized if your business is eligible to such grants.

Language training to broaden horizons

Expanding your employees’ horizons with AFSL Pro, a certified training organization recognized by Emploi-Québec, has many advantages. Learning a new language with AFSL Pro (or improving current skills) will allow your employees to improve communications with customers and your SME to increase market share and even open new markets.

At AFSL Pro, based on our pedagogical experience, we adapt our training to the professional reality of your SME, whether your employees need to learn English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin or another language. It is a different approach that gives you and your employees flexibility, reliability and efficiency.


Language training to support professional and personal development

Give your team the benefit of career advancement and personal development with AFSL Pro. Their satisfaction as employees will increase, making them more likely to become fully involved in your business. Better yet, our ROI is unbeatable.



Mixed learning possible

  • Joint use of eLearning or classical learning mode (in person) combined with a
  • 24/7 access to an additional practice portal (optional)


Content adaptability


  • Contents adapted to SMEs realities
  • Tailored to your various employees occupations


Flexible format

  • Pairing with a teacher
  • Private or small groups course
  • In person or online teaching
  • Mixed or traditional formulas

Results monitoring

  • Accurate analysis tools that allow the training managers to follow up and monitor the results and the language progress


  • Our personalized training options meet your SME professional needs and promotes employee retention



To join our team of teachers, do not hesitate to send us your resume at emploi@afslpro.com

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